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OHS Compliance Audit picture

We ensure that your organization is compliant to all relevant Legislation. Our audit system rates your organization’s level/percentage of compliance …

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Risk Management Services picture

Transfer your occupational health, safety and environmental risk management to the experts and rest assured that you are completely cornered. Our Tot…

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Construction Health, Safety & Environmental Management Files picture

Your customized safety files are are at the tip of our fingertips. We have done thousands of safety files customized to the client specifications and…

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Develop & Implement Safety Systems picture

Systems allow for uniformity in application, and consistency in results. To achieve set OHSE objectives and targets, we assist with developing and im…

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Accreditation Consultancy (SETA/QCTO) picture

We are specialists in the ambit of training and skills development. Our years of experience in the field have allowed us to interact with key role pl…

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Mining Safety Management Systems picture

The Safety Management System (SMS)is used to ensure these risks are considered and strategies are documented so adequate controls are implemented for…

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Training Matrix / Skills Development Plan picture

A training matrix, also known as a skills matrix, is a table used by organisations to plan, track and manage employee training. We develop and custom…

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Learnership Management & Implementation picture

OSHEMAC offers a learnership management and implementation roadmap. The purpose of the Roadmap series is to serve as a resource for developing and im…

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Safety / Meetings picture

These are events held specifically to discuss hazards in the workplace. They are usually formal and last for about 20-45 minutes, involving multiple …

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Industrial Theatre picture

Industrial theatre is a very productive medium used by many large companies in order to be informative, instructional and message driven. Industrial …

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Hazard & Safety Communication picture

Workplace hazards are the sources of potential harm or damage to someone or something in any work environment. It can be material or any activity tha…

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Workplace Health & Safety Promotions picture

Health and safety promotion in the workplace is vital to the functioning and overall satisfaction of staff. When employees are sick or injured and ca…

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